Friday, April 21, 2006

The Weekend

I enjoyed a lovely and awakening shower this morning, after L cut a hole in the laundry room wall and fixed the pipework and faucet last night. The shower mechanism in the faucet broke a couple of days ago and I was bathing English style (or the style I used when I lived in London) in the meantime. It's not too refreshing to be bent over in a slow draining tub, washing my hair and trying to wake up.

I am so happy for Friday to be here. To escape the madness of the library and catch up on sleep are my only objectives this weekend. We are also having brunch with my old friend on Sunday, which means waffles. Yum. I'm hoping to watch a few movies too, and maybe finally finish George Plimpton's The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair and Other Excursions and Adventures. I still haven't watched the Japanese film Nobody Knows. I blame this on the knitting, since I have really been listening to films rather than watching. This is impossible with subtitles.

Of course the highlight of my weekend is spending time with L. We were supposed to be going down to Boston so I could attend a class at Simmons on Saturday, but it was cancelled. I was planning on dragging L to all my haunts: Little Stevie's House of Pizza (heinous bathroom but a good slice late at night), The Kinvara, The Harp, Anna's Taqueria, and Axis. Instead we are enjoying all the central Maine has to offer. That is, burgers and beer on a Saturday night.


CBK said...

Hey, is Super G's sub shop still there? That place was good!

Herself said...

Do you mean Big G's here in Maine?

CBK said...

The sub place near your parents' house. We went there once when I was visiting. I thought it was called Super G's, but maybe it was Big G's.