Sunday, April 16, 2006


We went to brunch with a friend, and after just being seated and served coffee I managed to spill my cup. The coffee headed straight for the friend's crotch. A waitress (not ours) chastised us for using our napkins, and went into the explanation of how they were coated and would not absorb the coffee, etc, while the coffee covered everything: the table, the menu, my chair, and the floor. It was deja vu- I had done this to L after one of our initial dates. I'm suave like that.

I've been bringing things to my new house from my parent's house in a very slow, but positive, process. I brought a bag of toys last week, which unfortunately did not include the doll I absolutely adored my childhood: Honey. I also no long have my view finder, or my popcorn popper/lawn mower, or my telephone on wheels with working rotary dial and eyes that moved. God bless Fisher Price. I really miss those toys. I used to fill my bed at night (I'm talking about 1981-82) with my snugglies and pretended to be on a barge or in a covered wagon. Yes, the creativity existed even then.

It strikes me that Honey was probably expected to grow up to be like Barbie, with her Carol Brady hairdo and her perky little face. It also strikes me how blond this doll is. I can relate more to Tattoo on Fantasy Island than her, looks wise.

Of course, there would be real questions if I toted around a Herve Villechaize doll.

What was your favorite toy?

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CBK said...

My GI Joe toys, especialy the snow-based figures and vehicles. Those were a bit later than yours were, but I can't remember what I played with when I was really young.