Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some days, and other home stuff

Sunday used to be my worst day of the week. All the composure and busyness of my work week slipped down into the last day, and left me feeling tired, trapped, and alone. Now I cling on to Sunday as long as I can, since the day after Sunday is the start of another week of work. So when I sat at church this morning, which was a lay led Thanksgiving service and went way beyond the normal hour, I couldn't help but wanting to be outside in the sun, despite the 20 something degree weather. It seems many of the things that I love about my life have become a task, or even work-like. I hope this comes to an end soon.

One thing that never seems like hard work, is my marriage. I don't know how, but somehow serendipitously I was given the chance to do things right, and make things right. I met Lars for dinner at 8 Friday night, me coming from home and he coming straight from work. We were celebrating his new job offer! I waited for him to arrive, and when he suddenly appeared I was filled with love. That's what it's like for us.

I finally finished this bag for my mom:

It's made from worsted weight yarn from Peace Fleece. The color is Kamchatka Seamoss. Peace Fleece is really a neat company with a tremendous concept. I like the idea of buying something local that came from so far.

Our search for the perfect utensil holder ended the other day at Target.

This is actually an ice bucket, but it's the perfect height and width for all the kitchen trinkets we have collected.

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CouponAlbum said...

It's nice and useful stuff for kitchen use!! Love the little bag!!