Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hanging out, or eew

I had the swell idea of of having a date night once a month, dressing up (or not), visiting new spots, relaxing, enjoying one another. I did a little research, knowing that in a couple towns over there is a public sauna. Given that Lars is Scandinavian, thought it would be both romantic and relaxing to surprise him and bring him there. I also knew of it from my dad, who visited the place with friends.

I went online and to get some details and found something very shocking and a huge decider that we would not be going to the sauna: CLOTHING OPTIONAL!

My brother hinted that my dad is a bit of a naturalist, but this really hit home. I can't imagine going to this place and seeing my wrinkled old dad, hanging out (literally) with a bunch of other strangers. What particularly annoys me is that my dad has visited this place before without my mom. Now I know why.


CBK said...

Maybe your dad was just trying to protect your mom, and not subject her to such awful sights.

White Hot Magik said...

Eww for me too. I think, men are usually more comfortable with public nudity.

We visit a natural hot springs occasionally but they have clothing required areas. We usually rent one of the private baths though because we don't like hanging out with the general public.