Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pictures disappered...

Damn you, Picasa! Why didn't you warn me sooner that if I erased images they would also disappear from my past posts? Why did I decide to explorer Blogger perks? This also leads me to wonder: do people read old posts once they discover a blog?

Today we took a motorcycle ride to Pemaquid Point, where there's a lovely lighthouse. I've discovered that being a passenger on a motorcycle is a form of submission. You must relax, put your trust in the driver who has your safety in mind, and enjoy the ride. I'm a bad passenger in general, but I am trying.

Me, enjoying the ocean view at Pemaquid with an ice cream


White Hot Magik said...

So did you delete Picasa or just an image on your blog? I post more than one way so it just makes me curious.

As far as old posts, sometimes I do, especially if there is an story going on I feel left out of and they haven't left me links.

A passenger car, that sounds exciting and a bit scary.

Hyperher said...

By mucking atround in Picasa I ereased images from the blog, but not the program itself. It's no big deal, just annoying. I'm with you about past posts.

CBK said...

If I find a blog written by someone interesting enough for me to cyber-stalk, then I read all the old posts. ;-)