Sunday, August 10, 2008


"Cat in a hat - in French it's chat chapeau - in Spanish, it's a gato in a sombrero." from Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess

I finished my hat. It's made from Noro Kureyon, which is a hand dyed Japanese yarn. It reminds me of a Maine sunset. Bring on winter. I'm ready.

It's only August 10th but I see summer as being over. I looked at my calendar to make plans to go hiking with a friend, and there is just 3 weekends left until September. I have Sunday meetings every week for my ministerial search committee, which seems to tighten my lazy weekends. I dislike all the meetings I have to attend, between work and church. It feels limiting to me. I suppose it's forcing me to be outwards when I really long to be safe inside somewhere.


White Hot Magik said...

Cute hat! That yarn sounds expensive, is it?

My dad wanted me to change his sprinkler timer to water less. I questioned why, August is the hottest month. I guess since school is starting next week he thinks fall is coming in. I did knock it down a bit though.

Hyperher said...

It is expensive, sadly. It's incredibly beautiful, though. It's best for smaller projects at $8.50 for 50 g. I bought it with some birthday money as a treat!

We'll get some hot weather again, I'm sure. School starts here in 2 weeks.