Friday, August 22, 2008


Ugh. I just realized that a song that I have been hearing a lot on the radio is actually a Steely Dan song. This is a band that usually gets on my nerves (kind of like Rush, sorry Bryan!) but I'm really digging "Dirty Work." I suppose I like it because I am kind of a sucker, or in kinder terms "amiable."

It was a rough week at work.

My counterpart gave her resignation. She will leave in 4 weeks. She had begin to alienate our patrons, offending some of the kindest, sweetest people I know. She was unprofessional, and obviously felt as if the job was below her. Honey, I've got 2 masters degrees and I chose to work in a public library. That means we answer the phones, shut the water off when the toilet overflows and have to do with some real characters. Was this what i planned my career to be? Maybe not, but public libraries are the same the world around.

I am contemplating applying for her position, although maybe the better thing for me to do is really advocate for someone who has a sense of humor, is fair but kind and has had significant experience working with a diverse public. I don't know. I like working there but I need a little change. Would working with adults be appealing to me?


White Hot Magik said...

Is it a move up, or just lateral? Adults or kids? It is a toss up, both are so immature, one just has an excuse. ; ) I hope you get a fun new coworker at least.

Hyperher said...

It would be a little bit of a move up, with a bigger staff. It definitely would be more challenging, but at least when you work with children they have an excuse! You are right

CBK said...

No worries about Rush. I totally understand others' negative reaction. I try not to broadcast my fandom that much, actually. :-)