Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What I've been doing

Summer is suddenly here. It was so hot yesterday that I dragged Lars to a state park so we could go for a swim. $6 and a swim in brown water later and I felt great. I think Lars did too.

The gardens have suddenly changed too. I drove away from the house yesterday and noticed the poppies had suddenly burst, changing the garden from all green and a little purple from the lupines to something more vibrant.

Tonight I made a cheesecake for a get together we are having Friday night, plus fulled some knit pieces in the washer, and also made these:

These are basically felted pieces of soap. I did them by hand. They came out pretty well for my first try. They are nice to use in the shower, as you would a wash cloth or puff. I made them from some of the roving I purchased from the fiber frolic. Here it is:

I am also making some mittens. My old friend Jeremy might say, "What are you, on crack?" 90 plus degree weather and making mittens doesn't seem quite right, but I'm happy I've finally found a pattern I can use, and I've mastered another stitch. This is pattern #3. The weird thing about knitting is you can make the same thing many different ways, by different stitches. I'm getting to the point where I like to look at a lot of different ones before I settle on something that works right. They are never written in stone.


Malathionman said...

They look like little crack rocks. At least that's what I've seen on T.V.

White Hot Magik said...

I thought they looked like fun puffs of color. I am a rogue crafter too, don't like to do things in a rigid manner. Like follow directions. ; )

Hyperher said...

M-man: Sure, on TV. I know you live in CA. Hopefully I'll never get te chance to see crack in my lifetime. i should have put my hand in the picture so you could get some perspective on size. The roving is pretty big, but maybe crack is too?

WHM: Wow, maybe I'm growing out of my anal-following-the-pattern phase! Great! I'll post your package soon.