Sunday, June 15, 2008


This week my kitchen was hopping.

I made a spinach lasagna and a cheesecake for some dinner guests we had Friday, and yesterday I made Gingered Rhubarb Chutney.

I also made these lovely bath melts I learned about on the Angry Chicken's blog. I bought the enamel pot (with lid) at Good Will. My first batch was coconut, and the next will probably be lavender. Those molds from Target came in handy!

I'm probably going to have a social stroke by the end of this week. We had our new friends over for dinner on Friday as I mentioned, and then yesterday I was invited to dinner by the 2 neighbors we have become friendly with, and then my old friend Shannon is coming this week. It's great, and it's good for me.

Happy Dad's day!

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