Friday, May 16, 2008


I am feeling much better now. I felt like I was working in crisis mode all week at work, aggravated by situations where I had been very clear about my wishes, but was either not listened to or ignored. It reminds me very much of my first marriage. I functioned under the idea that it was easier to go along with other's wishes than what intuition was telling me. Not good. I work with someone much like my first husband, and I am getting to the point where I would rather leave my job than stay and deal with her. Leaving really isn't an option. Every year I dread her annual review, but this year I feel as if she has repeatedly ignored my direction, and will need it clearly spelled out in the review. It isn't a crime to be passive aggressive, but it should be. I actually had to leave the building last week before I did something silly, because she infuriated me.

In other news, I'm in love. Sorry Lars, but I love my post office worker. My town is so small it doesn't actually have a post office, so I go to a branch very close to my work. His name is Dick and he's a sweetheart. He makes mailing a pleasure. I always ask for colorful stamps but last time I forgot, and he gave me forever stamps. This was a good thing because I forgot postage was going up.

I will be getting more mail soon. I broke down again and got Netflix. Lars and the Real Girl and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly are on the way, and then Twilight Samurai. Thanks for the suggestion!

To celebrate the weekend, I made these. Yum! I went out to the garden to snip the chives. Our lilacs are starting to bloom, and the gardens are looking alive.

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White Hot Magik said...

Scones look awesome. I was thinking I needed to try some savory kinds, so far I have just made blueberry, and cranberry.

I got some pretty fruit stamps the the other day, they were for postcards lots of luscious looking fruit. I hope Lars isn't jealous.