Friday, April 25, 2008

Roll back

My sister-in-law in Canada was having serious doubts about her pending appointment to have her 3 month old son circumcised. Her husband felt indifferent, and family members at a family gathering shared their opinions after she asked for them. Opinions ranged, but she still felt muddled. An aunt and uncle thought it was unnecessary, stressing the importance of teaching the child to clean himself properly. The uncle compared it to female genital mutilation, saying that the procedure lessened the sensation for men. Lars was all for it until he recently had a conversation with his cousin, whose chose not to have her son circumcised. Her doctor said it was not necessary, and that socially many of her son's peers would also not have it done so it would not be an issue of him being different in the locker room. Someone asked me my opinion. I said that on the one hand if surgery is not needed, then why subject the child to it? On the other hand, from an aesthetic point of view, I prefer a circumcised guy. I rather have everything on the table than having to roll back the turtleneck.

She decided to cancel the appointment.


Leucantha said...

ROFL laughing, your analogy kills me. I let my husband make the call on that one. We had the boys circumcised.

CBK said...

That hurt. ;-)

Hyperher said...

I mention no names to protect the innocent!