Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I took the dogs and cat out to the farm today so my brother could watch them while we are away in Canada. We had a nice visit. I looked through the mail while my brother greeted the dogs, since I still occasionally get mail there. I saw something addressed to Tim, so I opened it. It was a license renewal form from the state. His license expires on his birthday, May 27th. He'd be 42, except he died 4 years ago. It was upsetting, but also an indication of how disconnected the state bmv's is. How could they not know he was dead? Don't state departments communicate with one another?

I am working on a conference tomorrow, have my book group tomorrow night, and then will come home and sleep a few hours before leaving to drive north. Road trip!


Leucantha said...

State departments communicate? That sucks. I hope you have a good trip.

Malathionman said...

I have a friend that I work with from Canada. He was reading the paper in the office and noticed that they had misspelled Canada. It was spelled Candada. He was actually pissed. He called the editor to give him the riot act. We always make sideways comments to him about being from Canada, but now everytime we do that he is from Candada!

Patty O said...

Where are you going to in Canada? Don't go to Montreal because they like to burn police cars. Ask the Bruins after last night.