Monday, March 31, 2008


I think I am ready to let go...of Netflix. It's been a good run, but lately it seems inefficient, with unnecessarily long wait times. I wrote them to complain, but received no answer. Even a class action lawsuit did very little to improve things. I could be using the time I spend watching stuff to be reading, working out, being outside or actually socializing (shock horror)! I could use a local video store, using my dollars locally (actually this is a farce, since they would be used at a local chain). I also could use my library network more to borrow stuff. Unfortunately I traded one evil for another. This morning I ordered...basic cable. I guy I spoke to seemed incredulous that I was excited over channels 2-22, but it means catching up on 30 Rock and L&O, which is thrilling to me! For what I pay for Nextflix, I will pay the same for local programming. Of course I could go cold turkey again, but I like having some background distraction while knitting. All of this is part of a bigger plan to actually use my living room for living. It means instead of being a large corridor in which I pass through to get to the rest of my house, it will be a room I spend time in. Right now it is in dire need of cosmetic work, and also acts as the dogs' lounge. It's probably the warmest room in the house.

My grumble of the day, besides disliking that it is snowing again, is the lack of privacy and proper working space at work. Case in point: when I returned from my 4 o'clock dinner break, I walked in to find one of my staff reading something on my desk. It was something that had nothing to do with her. It was none of her business. I didn't say anything to her about it, though. Four of us share one computer, which is adjacent to my desk and not enclosed by anything. It's sometimes hard to separate our work space from the public space. If I put stuff currently sitting on top of my desk actually in the desk or in a folder, I may not find it. That's how my brain works. However, I would never read stuff sitting on top of my boss's desk. She has a private office, and I do not. That is the big difference. It will forever be my gripe about this position, which will not be remedied until we have an improved facility or I leave the job. It's what Dick Cheney might call a "quagmire."


Leucantha` said...

I don't really rent and we do have basic dish/satellite service. I enjoy it quite a bit.
I think you should knit a cozy for your desk. Keep those pesky people out. : )

Malathionman said...

I have the Block Buster equivelant of Net Flicks. The difference is I can return my dvd to the local store in exchange for anything in the store. I just need to be sure to return it on time. The next dvd in my queche automatically ships when they scan my returned dvd.

I really like it.

CBK said...

I really need to get with some dvd delivery service because I never rent movies and rarely go to the theater, and there's SO MUCH I want to see and haven't, and the list just keeps getting bigger. All my time is taken up with kids and TV shows.