Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When in Rome

Back to work today, and confronted by school vacation week busyness! My head was pounding by the afternoon, and 3 o'clock cruelly felt like 5. I finished watching the series Rome last night. I bought the first season for L for Christmas. He was really pleased. I bought him the second season before we went on vacation and he finished it already at work, so I finally have caught up with him. When we first started watching it I'd lean over and say things like "Which one is Caesar?" or "Who is she in relation to him?" It was driving him a bit nuts. At one point he paused it and said something to the effect of "Is this something I should watch on my own?" Sadly, I'm pretty blank on Roman history. The names are familiar but putting it into some sort of context was hard.

I knit and felted a bunch of stuff over the weekend with mixed results. I learned that when the directions say that light colored wool does not felt, I should take their word for it. I also learned that using yarn I had gotten (without a label) that seems like wool but won't shrink after several washes is riskier than using something with a label. It was scratchy, so therefore it must be wool. Wrong.


Kelli said...

I love your felted bowl!!!!! The color is beautiful. I need to learn how to knit and felt......

Have a great day!

Hyperher said...

Kelli: I would be glad to share my pattern. It's very simple.