Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yesterday, I decided to check out a magazine from work. I was thumbing through it and saw the telltale signs of theft: jagged edges from torn out pages. This happens a lot to Rolling Stone, and our cooking magazines, and People Magazine, but Knitscene? Come on! The worst part is that it wasn't even the patterns that were ripped out, but pictures of hipster chicks in knitwear. Clearly it wasn't a knitter who stole it. I had a fantasy moment where I wanted to post a sign saying the following:
Hey Asshole! Don't rip pages from our magazines. If you cannot afford the cost of a photocopy, please ask the staff for assistance. We will gladly subsidize the cost of a copy (or copies) to prevent the defacement of our periodicals (which aren't cheap and are highly underfunded). Thank you.

This week we (my boss, my overly dramatic co-worker and I) shot our first episode of of our library show to appear on the local cable access channel. It went pretty well. I think I'll do better the next time. I'd never been on a show where it's totally unscripted but luckily it wasn't live.

The best part of my week was receiving a couple packages from my friend Shannon from England, who sent me my favorite trashy magazines, biscuits and sweets. It was wonderful.

This is my most recent completed project:

It's for my friend Liz. She's living a Mary Tyler Moore life in Boston. She's an artist, a sailor, and a teacher.


Patty O said...

When I worked at the library in college, we always put the more popular magazines in plastic covers and green security strips in all of them. It was only the magazines though, and even then, we didn't have to worry too much about theft from college students.

Malathionman said...

WOW, nice fantasy moment!

Hyperher said...

Students ar UNH used to steal or rip out pages from the Rolling Stone all the time. One of my jobs at the library was to search bags when people set off the alarm when leaving. It set me up for my glamourous career of today.