Friday, February 15, 2008


It's been a week of revelations at work. The last 2 days have been great since I have worked very short days. My director let me know earlier in the week that the adult services librarian is going to be leaving, as soon as she finds other work. I felt like there were some issues there, and truth be told she wasn't my first pick when we were hiring for the position. She's not my favorite person since I think she's slightly dramatic, and often feels like she is sexually harassed by every man that comes in the library simply because they look at her. My boss said something one day about how she couldn't help how beautiful she was, as if the rest of us were homely and unnoticeable. Hm. Her reason for wanting to leave is that she doesn't like our clientele, feels that her work at the circulation desk is just to be a warm body and so hates to be there. She can be very terse and sometimes rude to the public because of her frustration, and some of our new hires are reluctant to approach her because of her behavior. She would rather work with teens or even in technical services, which is fine. I have been having my own struggles with work, so this news has got me thinking that maybe I should apply for the position. I have been needing a change, and I think my staff needs a change too. My only hesitance is the fact that I like a lot of the adult staff and I don't want my enjoyment of them to change, and I am not interested in doing outreach at nursing homes (although I do think we should offer it).

Yesterday L and I went out to lunch with our friend Lois. Lois is a retired school teacher whom L met on an emergency call when her husband was ill at home. Lois's husband had cancer which was the result of being exposed to asbestos. She was also a good friend to L when his ex-wife chucked him out. I love talking to her about books, and politics and spirituality. She's a lovely person.

We went to lunch at my favorite place called Sarah's in Wiscasset. Afterwards we drove to Boothbay Harbor and then stopped at a fabric store in Edgecomb called On Board Fabrics. It was so visually stimulating. I loved it. I bought some remnant cloth, a fat quarter, some smaller pieces and some felt. I could have spent more time and money there. I feel priveleged that I am married to someone who is handy with a sewing machine.

My other new favorite place is the A.C. Moore that just opened in town. I'd rather support my local yarn shop, but snow, gas and time are a factor.


Patty O said...

I think I know how that librarian feels. Wherever I go, I'm always getting random women staring at me, all the time! I mean, I know I'm irresistable, but still! Show a little humbleness!! Gawd!!!

Apply for that job! If it pays more money, you should do it!

Hyperher said...

It's hard being one of the beautiful people, isn't it?

Patty O said...

I get through it, though.