Monday, February 04, 2008


This vacation was something I was anticipating greatly. We both were. So, we left for Florida in hope of rest, sunshine, and whatever else happened along the way. We had the chance to walk, swim, spend time with people we love, and see old friends. I read (finished What is the what and On Chesil beach), drank cold beer, worshipped the sun, knitted by the pool and actually finished some projects. I sadly saw John Edwards drop out of the presidential race, shopped at thrift stores and drank simple, strong coffee. I scored a DKNY skirt for $3.99, an Etienne Aigner bag, also $3.99 and L bought some Thomas the Tank Engine sets in their original boxes for peanuts! I watched my grandmother knit a Christmas stocking in a matter of days for our new nephew Lachlan, who was born 2 weeks early on January 20th. My grandmother will be 93 next month.

I was especially happy to spend time with my mom, who is my dearest friend. I wished we had more time together. The trip was less than touristy. We made a trip down to Ft. Myers to visit some friends who are like grandparents to me, and then a trip up to Tampa to see my old housemates from Boston. Other than that we mostly went to the pool each day. I read old copies of Martha Stewart Living, discovering that maybe she isn't half bad after all. We took a hike with my Dad and nephews at the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center at Alligator Creek, and saw the film debut of FEMA City.

I was reluctant to come home, but it's okay being back. I was thrilled to see the dogs (and cat), and I still have that vacation glow. They made a welcome back banner for me at work and got me chocolate. I spent most of my day sorting through e-mail and working on the schedule. I suppose the most rewarding thing of all was when I read a letter to the editor in yesterday's paper. It was titled 2 names missing from XXX expansion panel and said this:

I was most interested in reading the names of those named to the panel regarding the renovation and expansion of XXX Library.

What was most interesting to me, however, were two names that seemed to me to be missing from those named to the panel. Those two names are XXX XXX, director, XXX Library, and XXX XXX, director of Youth Services and assistant director, XXX Library.

I'd really like to know why Mayor Arse [my words, not hers] has seen fit not to invite these two incredibly knowledgeable professionals to the panel.

Being validated feels wonderful. In light of our failed November referendum, the mayor has put together a panel which excludes any library staff. This panel is being charged with looking at different options to solve the problems of the library. His exclusion is on purpose. It makes me very angry. But, I felt proud to be mentioned in this letter to the editor. It makes me feel like what we are doing is not in vain.

Some photos from our trip:

Mom and I

Swinging with my nephew

Me and my Dad

The alligator at the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center

L and I by the pool

My L

My first felted bag...

...and my second ever


Malathionman said...

If you had grey hair and a beard, you would look just like your dad. :)

Hyperher said...

I know! Scary, isn't it?

Leucantha` said...

The bags are cute. I hope you don't grow grey hair and a beard. Glad the paper backed you up, I hate it when people act like that. Why wouldn't you include the library staff?