Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two dogs

I went to church this morning to the early service, since I signed up to be the greeter. I was running a little late, since I underestimated how much frost was on my car and how long it would take to defrost. When I got into the vestibule I saw that 2 people were already greeting. I apologized and thanked them for helping me. That's when the husband said, "We signed up to greet." I went to check the schedule and saw that they did indeed sign up, but for the 11 o'clock service. Since I was running late, and they were already there I told them I'd be back. I went off for a coffee and ran around for 2 hours.

I was a little off this morning, after falling asleep during the Pats game. Just prior to slipping off I flung my knitting across the room. I'm knitting a hat for my friend, and discovered I had dropped some stitches that were too far gone to fix. Prior to the game we went bowling. I managed to be an excellent sport, cracking jokes at my bad bowls using a voice like Gob Bluth's from Arrested Development. The music at the alley wasn't too far off from Europe, and I had no tantrums like I usually do when losing something. Maybe I have turned over a new leaf.

We've seen a building for sale across the river in Gardiner that currently houses a bagel shop, with an apartment upstairs. L and I have talked about it, how the rents of the shop and the apartment would pay the mortgage. I still have my dream of having a cooking store, but L mentioned having a wine bar or cocktail lounge. I suggested last night that we could call it Two Dogs. I know we'll always have two dogs in our lives. L took the dogs to a rabies clinic yesterday while I was at work, and then on to a pet store for a Great Dane rescue meet-up. There were a handful of Danes there, but apparently Merlin was the hit of the place. He's very calm and loving, although Mojo was stressed out by all the big dogs and activities. One woman, described by L as a "dog person," said to L, "What's with his package?" She was referring to the fact that Merlin is not fixed. I told L maybe she was looking for a date.

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Leucantha` said...

Love your reply. That is too funny. I don't think I have ever been around a great dane before. They are pretty dogs. I could see you runny an funky hip store for some reason. That sounds like fun.