Saturday, January 19, 2008

Going to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches

I grew up on a 160 acre dairy farm in Maine, which is a primarily rural place. The farm is currently being used to raise organic vegetables and beef cows. My parents have owned it for over 38 years. Despite the death of dairy farms in Maine, many are turning to organic farming as a way of diversifying and surviving. That makes me happy. For a brief period in college I thought of coming home and working on the farm, but instead went to get a masters degree and join the glamorous world of librarianship. I guess memories of shoveling frozen manure reminded me that there were other things to be experienced in the great, wide world. However, I may just go back to the farm someday. I still pay attention to what is happening in agriculture in the state, including this interesting suggestion by our current governor. Would the combination of the conservation, marine resources, inland fisheries and wildlife, and agriculture departments really be that bad? 2 departments might make more sense, but I can see some natural alliances here that could be explored.

I'm afraid that if you've grown somewhat dependent upon my writing, you'll be getting a respite soon. That's right, we're going on vacation! I'm hoping the snow forecasted for Tuesday will not be significant and we'll arrive in FL in good time. I'll be away for 2 weeks so in the words of Depeche Mode, "Enjoy the silence."

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Leucantha` said...

Blogger ate my last comment....
I hope you have a beautiful time in Florida. I will listen to some Depeche Mode and think of you and an old boyfriend and the late eighties early nineties. ; )

As far as the Agriculture thing goes, that is one suggestion that could go either way. I often find it is hard to get "regular" people to understand the needs of agriculture, most are so removed from it. Kudos to your mom and dad for going organic. As someone trained in pesticide use and who has done it at work, wholeheartedly agree with switching to organic. Pesticides have some uses but we are very overdependent.