Friday, December 21, 2007

"Sweetness, I was only joking when I said..."

If you think that library workers are forgotten during the holiday time, think again. Our break room here at work is full of cookies, truffles, fruit, cheese and crackers, peppermint bark and assorted other sugar filled treats. It's great fuel for when you are feeling dragged down by humanity, like by people outraged to pay a .60 fine, or argue with you about the fact that they can't smell the cat urine smell that has permeated our materials that are in their possession. It's heartwarming to be remembered by the users of the library that love us.

I watched Once, and loved it. I initially balked at the description of it being a musical, but the music blends in nicely with the story. It's a lovely film. It's not pat or predictable, but very natural. It reminded me of my once obsession with Irish men. I am still in shock that Glen Hansard was the skinny guitarist Outspan Foster in The Commitments. I saw Andrew Strong, the actor who played the lead singer of the band in the movie at the Harp in Boston some 9 years ago. He looked bloated and tired. I guess we've all grown up.


Malathionman said...

So when we grow up we get bloated and tired? Screw that I'm still a pup!

Patty O said...

The Commitments is a classic in our family. Great film!