Sunday, November 25, 2007

Drive of shame

I need to grow up.

Friday night I met up with my friend Kim, whom I haven't seen since July. We had dinner, where I had 2 Gritty's Christmas ales. We went to a bar afterwards, where I had 2 Crown and diet Cokes. I was suddenly obliterated. I could not walk straight. My friend drove us back to her house with my car, and I crashed on her futon. She woke me up at 6 a.m., when I drove back to my house to shower and get ready for work. The 45 minute trip back to the house was like the drive of shame.

Maybe I was drowning my work sorrows, since I have been worked up about some the of the continued issues post-election with our facility and our ability to do our work. I really react too much to my boss's emotional state, and when she gets upset I do too.

What is wrong with me? Today's church service was about waiting. I seem to be waiting for something, although I am not sure what. Children, a change of scenery, something else? I am patient, although I've become a terrible sport when L and I bowl or play Scrabble. I told him last night my bowling performance reminded me a lot of Danny Ainge's career playing for the Celtics. When he was on, he was tremendous. When he was off, he blew. That's pretty much my feeling about myself in life right now.


Patty O said...

Well, on the bright side, Danny Ainge has put together a pretty good Celtics team this season. Maybe one day, you'll buy a library somewhere and sign star librarians to make it one of the best libraries in New England. You could make it a contenda'!

Hyperher said...

I suppose DA has closure now.

Patty O said...

Haha, for now.

CBK said...

Wow, I guess I'm not going to play Scrabulous with you now. ;-)