Monday, October 22, 2007


Some of my current short term goals:

-Take L to Railroad Square Cinema
-Wean myself from trashy magazines and
-Learn to enjoy tempeh without comparing it to a rubber by-product
-Stop my increasing dependence upon Splenda

I won't bore you with the long term goals. They might scare you.

I'm nearly finished with Sebastian's Junger's A Death in Belmont. It's a pleasant little story about the Boston Strangler. I actually was reading it last night as the Red Sox played. I was getting too anxious so I left the game on in the background, listening to key moments. I shut the game off when it seemed safe that they were not going to blow their lead, and I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.


Patty O said...

You didn't stick around to watch the celebration?????!!!! Ohhh, I'm tempted to call you a Yankees fan right now. Or even mother!!

Hyperher said...

Sad, I know. I'm getting old and could barely stay awake. I had a good excuse: I drove my father down to Portsmouth to pick up my mom. It was also his birthday. My sister drove my mom up from Cape Cod. We ate lunch, then went to a park where I played with my nephews, and then drove home. All that driving tired me out. This is what happens when you are over 30.

Patty O said...

Haha yeah, you old person you! Well keep watching tonight's game. 3-0 already!

Hyperher said...

I'm watching it!