Friday, October 05, 2007

Acting out

Last week was banned books week around the country at libraries. We librarians often tout our zeal for the first amendment, and intellectual freedom. We also have an acceptable use policy for our computers, and a library code of conduct at my library. Today, someone came to the circulation desk and complained about someone using a computer. My friend was at the desk and asked what was going on. He asked if he was doing something inappropriate at the computer, but the person said they were doing something inappropriate to them self.

It was a thing of legend at the UNH library, in maybe the dark corners of the third floor, near the government documents. It was a huge library, and we were open a lot. We had a subscription (albeit black and white) to Playboy on microfilm. Maybe they made copies in the Micro Media room and found a romantic spot to enjoy them.

Why do people feel compelled to act this way in public? How much more of humanity can I take?

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