Friday, September 21, 2007

Reunited and it feels so goood

I'm having a reunion of sorts in November.

It was 10 years ago that I finished my undergrad and decided to become a librarian. I also decided to stay in New England and was accepted at Simmons College in their library science masters program. My parents drove me into the city and I gladly said goodbye to them and hello to my new life. I lived in a women's residence on Newbury Street, the poshest street in Boston proper. A few days after I moved in, Princess Diana died and I realized that the city was a lonely, grimy place. I eventually made some great friends at the residence, and soon 3 of us will be together again.

I assumed after moving to the city that I would get my degree, get a job in the suburbs and have the Mary Tyler Moore life I dreamed of. Of course, it didn't happen that way. I met my husband, finished my degree, moved to London to get yet another degree, got married, returned to the US, started my current job, built a house, became widowed, sorted through my grief, got a dog, met L and finally came to the place where I am now. The Boston years were happy, independent years, but these past few years have been lovely too. The stuff in between really blew. It makes seeing everyone all the better. It's still the same old me, but better.


CBK said...

I remember meeting you in Boston for a beer when you lived on Newbury. Was it almost 10 years ago? Wow!

CBK said...

Glad that you are in happy times now and have good times to relive with friends.

Herself said...

I remember that visit. Good times! I recall you taking a leak in the bushes near my house. I was so horribly hungover that I skipped out on work the next day.