Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In Your Country

"In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country."

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Apparently I have been hiding beneath a rock of current events shame. The president of Iran visiting Columbia? I heard the sound clip of his above statement on the Lehrer News Hour last night as I flipped through the 3 channels I get on my little TV, and then I checked up on it on AlterNet. I thought it was some sort of Jon Stewart mash up until I saw it in print. Could this be? Why had I not heard about this? I'm disgusted with our local paper, ever since they published the opinion of the mayor and said it was their own. I wish I had the courage to stay in the journalism program at UNH, but I balked at the semester-long, unpaid internship and never took a journalism class. Silly me.

Maybe I should get a subscription to some news magazine that's neutral. My subscription to EW doesn't cut it on issues other than entertainment. Although I don't want to worry myself over stuff I have no control over, I hate being ill informed. I suppose that's why I gave up on watching network news. I've written about this before.

Ultimately, I still feel that you waste an awful lot of energy worrying about some things that are out of our control and that are being reported. I know I'll have everything I need to know when I go to vote.


CBK said...

Yeah, I was totally unaware of his visit until the morning of when my homepage had the headline.

And in respons to his comment you quote:

"Umm, Dude, yes you do."

Hyperher said...

L's response to the quote was "Maybe he got rid of them all."

Leucantha` said...

I have to admit not watching much news. The annoy me since I always feel like someone else's views are being pushed down my throat. I have tried to be very open minded about all faiths including Islam. I just read Infidel by Ayaasa Hirsi Ali. It gives me a different perspective. Crazy!

Patty O said...

Ahmadinejad's living in his own world, and I think anyone with half a brain would know it. What irritated me was all of the people who didn't want him to come. Don't you want students to learn and see how stupid this guy is face to face?