Monday, August 06, 2007

Watching, waiting

I've come down with a summer cold. Luckily it has coincided with a cold front, so at least I am not feeling lousy in the heat. I had a very social weekend, worked part of the day on Saturday and then helped L with the fence. I am getting older, since physical labor and staying up until 3 doesn't make me all chipper the next day anymore. I slept most of my day away, between watching episodes of the first season of St. Elsewhere.

The dogs seems to like the confines of the fence, and I know that I like being able to let them out and not worry about them innocently running into the street. It's not complete but is nearly.

As I watched Venus tonight, I can't help but think Peter O'Toole should have gotten the Oscar.


CBK said...

Do you really think he deserved it for that role, or because he's Peter O'Toole? I haven't seen the movie, but Forrest Whitaker must have been hard to beat (and I know you like Forrest, too).

Herself said...

I liked The Last King of Scotland, mostly for the role of the young Scottish doctor played by James McAvoy. Forest Whitaker seems to be playing a lot of psychos lately. I'm thinking of the characyer on ER, and of course, Idi Amin.

I think O'Toole deserved it. He was touching and it some ways his performance reminded me of Johhny Cash's in American IV: The Man Comes Around. His version of "Hurt" sounds like his death knell.