Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I just watched 10 minutes of Bambi, to see if it would still skip after I washed it. A borrower complained that it was stuck on chapter 2. It works fine now. I spent my evening last night testifying that the section of the library I manage is overcrowded and we have to turn people away from programs. Despite the mayor badmouthing the expansion project, the council voted last night to let the people decide in November whether or not they want to authorize a bond to support the expansion and renovation of our facility, even if it means an increase in taxes.

I've never done this before but I am going to recycle something I posted on my MySpace blog:

About 11 years ago I saw the Rustic Overtones at the Stone Church in Newmarket, NH with my best friend Shannon. We drank overpriced drinks (before I learned to appreciate beer) and had a blast dancing and enjoying their sound. I bought my first compact disc ever that night, despite not actually owning a CD player. It was "Long Division."

I am so thrilled that Rustic is back together and has a tour date at the Stone Church again on August 3rd. Everything old is new again.

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