Thursday, July 05, 2007

Do you remember?

I watched Night at the Museum with my nephew yesterday. It wasn't the first time I saw it. L and I watched it and we thought Mickey Rooney's lines were brilliant. The above song started the closing credits. It reminds me a lot of Tim. He used to remind me that he was listening to Earth, Wind and Fire when I was born, as if he was already an adult. Maybe that's what it feels like to a parentified 8 year old. I used to tease him about it. Either way it's a great song and it's a good memory.

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Malathionman said...

One reason I go to the church that I go to is the good music. About 4 years ago Earth, Wind, and Fire were in town playing at one of the casinos. They played for about 30 minutes that Sunday. None of their recorded stuff, just fun church music. It was really cool.