Friday, April 06, 2007

Music, sweet music

Music, I find, can be monotonous. I listen to things over and over, because I like it so much and the familar is comfortable. Unless I sit down and look at everything we have on the iPod, it seems like I have very little. This is what I have been listening to repeatedly.

I have Shannon and Paul to thank for this. They gave us a collection of music as a wedding gift that is full of songs about love, lust, and happiness. I can't get enough of this song. It's nonsensical, lovely and very catchy. When I looked at Beluah's website I noticed that they haven't updated it in a while. Shucks. I also seem to get into groups when they are falling apart or are finished. Examples: The Beatles, the Libertines and the Jayhawks.

We are going to see the Tragically Hip in a few weeks at the Hampton Beach Casino. I have fond memories of cruising around Hampton, visiting the cheesy arcade and avoiding the beach in the summer. The band is known as The Hip by fans. I am going with 2 Canadians, who probably are far more familiar with the band than I will ever be. I just like going to see live music.

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CBK said...

Tell me if they play "50 Mission Cap". That's my favorite song by TH. (not that I've heard more than 3 or 4 songs by them, though).