Sunday, February 11, 2007

Comfort means crawling

I definitely had my social mojo on this past weekend. I went out Saturday night to see a band play at a coffee house in Bath. The band was called Subject Bias and I found that the lead singer and I shared something in common: we both lived in the same dorm during our time at UNH. He graduated in 2000, while I left in 1997. He told me that he had made out with someone in my room, but I didn't share any comparable experiences of my time at Engelhardt. Anyway, the coffee and atmosphere at Cafe Creme was wonderful.

First brunch and movies, then latte, music and beer on Saturday. Yesterday was coffee and catching up with a friend, and then on Tuesday night I am attempting to make a tomato tart for my friend I haven't seen in a few months. All this socializing is good for me, but tiring. I have a friend who told me once that she thought she was autistic. I suffer from a form of social retardation, but I think deep down I love being with people. I do feel shy at time, with the exception of doing work related social events. Most of my spare time at home I spend in a comfy pink robe that L claims he has seen crawling across our bedroom floor.


CBK said...

Haha, that makes me think about an incident of mine in your Englehardt room, when I (symbolically or not) threw out some pictures in a trash can.

Maybe that's not funny.

Is the robe still pink? ;-)

Herself said...

I forgot about that pink robe, This one is fleece and very static conducive. I wore it the whole 2 weeks I was sick last. It was like its own species. Very scary.

I feel the photograph toss deserves a post.

CBK said...

"I feel the photograph toss deserves a post."

Uh oh!