Sunday, December 17, 2006


Do you remember the tasteless t-shirts guys would wear in college, which sometimes I'd laugh nervously at and hope they I wouldn't run into the ones wearing them on my dark walk back from the library? Like this:

Well, just a few days ago someone thought some t-shirts K-Mart was selling were tasteless, and asked them to stop selling them. They did, but the powers that be at the K-Mart/Sears Corporation put them back on the shelf shortly after. First amendment rights, or wife beater rights? I can see these selling well here in Maine. According to the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence:
In Maine, the crime of Domestic Assault, as reported to police, occurs every 104 minutes.(Maine Department of Public Safety, Uniform Crime Report, 2003.)

Recently a 13 year old boy was murdered by his mother's lover, who shot him execution style after he led his younger sister, mother, and her newborn infant to safety. The mother stayed with the man because of the child he fathered, even though she had called the police numerous times. So getting upset over a t-shirt depicting the best way to get rid of an annoying girl by shoving her is aggravating, and tasteless. But the best way to protest the shirt is to simply not buy it.

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