Thursday, December 21, 2006

The goods

The staff room at work is bulging with homemade baked goods, candy, nuts and assorted foods. I try to stay away from it, except to read the paper and fill out my time sheet, but it's hard. The stuff is multiplying like rabbits and this time of year so many people want to thank us at the library with food.

I feel inspired to make come gingerbread men over the weekend. My mother always had a small tree in the kitchen in addition to our tree in the living room. We'd decorate it with various things, including gingerbread men we'd make together. I miss that. I need to make new traditions, with the exception of getting our tree 3 days before Christmas. Everyone has been telling me that L will get a hell of a deal, but we'll need to rush and decorate before my brother arrives on Saturday for my first bit of Christmas.

1 comment:

CBK said...

"I feel inspired to make come gingerbread men"

A perfectly understandable typo, but a very suggestive one, as well!I'm sure it's not a Freudian slip. ;-)