Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ins and Outs

Today at church a layperson who also is a member of the church council said that 70% of Unitarians are introverts. That surprised me. I am most definitely an introvert. I have been going to the service alone and I cruise out of church to avoid the fellowship time. I make pleasant small talk to people around me who speak to me, but I don't initiate conversation. I am a hermitess.

I am driving my parents to the airport tomorrow so they can begin their 6 month sabbatical to Florida. Tonight my father and I had a conversation about education. He asked me if I was planning on getting my PhD. I asked him in what, and he responded with a why not? I told him that if I were to get my PhD in Library Science, then I would probably become a professor. My problem with LS professors, however, is that they are so far removed from the practical experience of working in a library. The theory is important to know, but I wish they would have offered classes in psychology and sociology. That would be so much more practical and useful. Professors who have actually had to shut off overflowing toilets or dealt with children being exposed to Internet porn would have been very useful to me in my career development. But I digress. I also reminded my father that it would be irresponsible of me financially to get my PhD. I am still paying for my undergrad and graduate student loans. Why keep piling on more?

If money was not an issue and practicality be damned, I would enroll at the SALT Institute and get an MA in Documentary Studies. My other pipe dream would be to go back to school and get a degree in Horticultural Therapy, but this would be like going back to the start since the only classes I have relative to this program is a Sociology 101 and a Soil Science 101 class. Ho hum. What does a horticultural therapist do, you ask? They work with people through gardening to rehabilitate and promote wellness. VA hospitals used HT to work with returning soldiers after World War 2. My practicality pixie (thank you, brilliant Dave Chappelle) always appears and poo-poos these kinds of dreams I have. The reality is though, I could get a certificate in Horticultural Therapy. This would be an online deal. It could be a reality.

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