Thursday, October 05, 2006

Spill it

My mom's picture, by the way, was scanned and fixed by L. It was curled and badly torn. It's interesting how they tinted the photos back then. Mom's engagement picture is very similar. I love how Paul described her as looking like "an astronaut's wife."

I put on a polka dot dress this morning and had my breakfast after L came home from work. There was a fire in town last night and he came home looking like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. I always had a thing for his character. In any case, I rose from the breakfast table and L noticed several dried on spots on the dress. No problem. I ran upstairs and changed, only to find the next button up dress slightly wrinkled which is not a problem for me, but appeared to be missing a strategic button. Fudge. I threw on a shirt and a skirt, grabbing all my work crap and coffee and was already late. I spilled coffee on my skirt about 5 minutes into my commute. Fuck. I also found that fall had arrived overnight, and I was way underdressed by the time I arrived to the library. I drove back home to change once again. I also managed to spill on my shirt at lunch, which made my day as round as it could be.

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