Monday, October 09, 2006


My first post on the new laptop. It's brilliant to be on our comfy couch, in my pajamas, with Desperate Housewives playing in the background. Technology is amazing.

I had a very happy weekend, going down to Portland to meet friends with L, entertaining company at home, having old friends around again. I miss my friends, but I like the coziness of our house. L pointed out that having company is a good reason to clean the house. Touche. I cleared a path beside my bed, getting rid of piles of magazines, putting my bookbag of library books in my closet, and sweeping up a large amount of dog fur that had settled on the floor. It's refreshing to not get out of bed and step down into the 18 inch path, free of stuff. I feel inspired to keep it that way. This means only having a few library books out at a time, instead of the 10 I usually have. I rarely read all of them, but I like having options. I am finishing Amy Krouse Rosenthal's An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. She's a kind of person I would love to be friends with.

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