Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Music is My Radar

The love of my life just heard Ani Difranco's "Untouchable Face" for the first time today. Oh, dear. It reminds me of angstful journal entries and ridiculous bitterness of my 20's. Of course, my life became far more complicated since those silly breakups and hurt feelings. I used to listen to that song very frequently and satisfy my need to vent. L also bought me Aimee Mann's "Save Me" on the itune store. God, I love that song. I wanted to buy the Magnolia soundtrack but decided not to because soundtracks never are quite what they seem when you struggle to watch the closing credits. Thanks, L. I can actually listen to music now without shame. In my past life I used to have to listen loudly in the car and choose stuff at home that we both liked. That was limited to Celtic music and stuff like "Come on Eileen." I was actually quite proud that Tim owned New Order's Best Of on tape. We both shared that. We shared few CDs.

Of course, the irony that the closest to angstful journaling I get to now is here is not lost on me. It's better than stuffing it inside. I'm not sure how better adjusted I am compared to 10 years ago, but I have a good job, drive a better car and have some perspective which was lacking then. I have a fabulous music collection too. Shucks.


CBK said...

That's a great pic! It would look great on the dustjacket of a book. :-) I love the hair, too.

Is that a lobstah boat in the background?

Jennifer said...

I agree you look beautiful and comfortable in your skin, I long for that 'look'. Ian said to me today in the middle of one of my emotional rants through my tears that, "the universe does test us but luckily it isn't pass or fail" so his advice: was for me to relax and just 'be'.
God I love this man, you come from good stock lady. :) I just wanted you to know that sometimes I get on here (your blog) and feel so understood. Thank you friend.

CBK said...

Jennifer? From Brewster? OMG!