Sunday, September 24, 2006

Items of curiosity, part 2

It has been a weekend of rain, with a few curious and positive developments:

1. Friday night I took the plunge to have a haircut. I chose a swish salon and I am happy to say that I have a fabulous haircut, improving upon the growing out gender unspecific cut I had been sporting. Erin, the hairdresser, started by giving me a scalp massage. I felt as if I had a lobotomy and was experiencing what it was like to feel no pain, no stress, and no awareness of myself. It was heavenly. I came out of the place in a half hour with a new do, smelling great and feeling calm.

2. I went to the Common Ground Fair yesterday with my friend Lois. Not 5 minutes there and I heard someone say my name: Jeremy Dick. He was a friend from UNH that I secretly had a crush on. He was there with his wife. I had wished I had given them our phone number because it's really nice to make connections from the past. But, given my social awkwardness that didn't happen. He was also a Buffalo Tom fan and he introduced me to a lot of music. He drove one of those big ass gas guzzlers that could fit 4 in the back on its velour seats, and sported about 20 bumper stickers. He was a great guy at a time when I didn't know too many.

3. I discovered that Lois is willing to be my knitting mentor, which means when I come to a crossroad in a project, she will be able to help me and I won't have to tantrum and drop load of stitches and say fuck and never actually complete the project. So hooray!

4. I shared my philosophy and feelings toward tall women with my boss and co-worker on Friday. Tall women are lucky because they have more space to put stuff on their body (like breasts and stomach), whereas short women have to be creative with what they've got or wear black to hide it all. So, I envy tall women.

5. L bought me 5 pairs of Levis and I feel very sporty and stylish now. Most of my pants come from Goodwill, and for the most part they fit well but he advocates for styles that aren't below the waist. For a while, that was impossible to get, but practicality has prevailed. We can't all be Kate Moss, although I'd love to hear an interaction between she and Pete Doherty.

The leaves are falling and I have been drying herbs to use for the winter. I joined Netflix again and I am eagerly awaiting my British comedies. It will soon be time for bundling up in the TV room and letting winter come on in.

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CBK said...

Cool that you saw an old UNH chum!

When do we get to see the fab new do?