Monday, August 21, 2006


Why did Isaac Hayes star (used loosely here) in Hustle and Flow but bowed out of South Park? Why do stores stock and then don't stock items week to week? Why do conspiracy theorists hold such blind faith in things like vapor trails and granola bars? Why question the whys?

I think I have been trying to seek too much meaning out of things. I hover as a boring drone who goes to work and comes home in a routine so mundane, chewing my toe nails might add a titillating element to it. I only have myself to blame. I went out and picked a bouquet of flowers this afternoon, and put them in a vase next to an orange bowl of peaches (I started singing "Peaches" when my mom gave them to us) and an empty blue wine bottle. It looks beautiful. I wish everything could be that simple and sensual.

L saw a bumper sticker a few days ago on an old truck he described having a gun rack with gun, colored red with gray bondo. Attached to the bumper was a sticker that flagrantly described his personal philosophy:

Brazen, huh? I laugh but I cringe. There are some scary people out there.


CBK said...

I stood in line at a Wendy's yesterday with a gaggle of hunters, all in camo and fresh from the weekend hunt. It's just so surreal to realize how different some people can be.

Senor Cheeseburger said...

Isac Hayes left Southpark because he is a Scientologist. They had an episode making fun of scientologists and he refused to do it (despite the fact that pretty much EVERY other religion that I can think of was lampooned as was nearly every political/social group) without so much as a murmur from Mr. Hayes.

Anywho hesaid he wouldn't do it and quit because Scinetology IS THAT COOL.

he's an idiot.

Senor Cheeseburger said...

p.s. I'd fuck before I kill. Nothing against necrophiliacs or anything... That's just how I roll

Herself said...

I was being rhetorical.