Sunday, June 04, 2006


This is an oddly named day, since there isn't actually any sun in the sky. I drove my mom down to Portland so she could catch the bus to Cape Cod, and I meandered back home to continue this homemaker weekend by hanging curtains and laundering. There had been blinds up in most of the downstairs which I have now successfully removed and put up curtains in their place. Previous renters had cats, so these blinds were both dusty and holey. I had a boyfriend in college whose mother had an evening ritual of lowering the blinds and closing them. She was divorced and seemingly very structured. I don't want to be dictated by my window coverings so I'm happy by the results.

I'm utterly depressed by what is going on in the world. We watched Munich the other night and although I am not a big fan of Spielberg I began to wonder what the real point of violence is. He didn't glorify the violence, nor did he romanticize the actions of his characters. Is redemption best when we accept that things cannot be changed? I liked how Avner's character struggled with how purposeful it was to murder those who will be replaced by even worse people. It made me hate my country even more, for its intervention into affairs that it had no place being involved with. I pointed out the last frame of the film to L- a shot of the World Trade Center. It was a bit cheesy, but Spielberg made his point.

I caved and bought St. Elsewhere, the Gnarls Barkley CD. I'm liking it.

Off to the domestic dungeon to make chicken smothered in rhubarb.

Happy rainy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Gnarls Barkley, why you and Maine are hip!

Herself said...

I'm trying.