Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I know sometimes when I can reason myself into making decisions that maybe are not the most thought through, that my priorities are a bit warped. I used to live for the day, since I could not envision a future. That was fine, except financially it is a horrible way to live. I learned my lesson.

But apparently George Bush has not. Look at his latest way to lick the arse of the religious right. I'm talking about his proposed constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage. Were the signers of the constitution even aware of what would happen to this document? Surely, amongst that group of men there were feelings of the love that dare not speak its name? I did a little research and found this title: Male-Male Intimacy in Early America: Beyond Romantic Friendships, by William E. Benemann. Perhaps in those close, sweaty quarters in Philly there was an intimacy that allowed many perspectives and differing viewpoints to come together to create the constitution. Wives were far away and there wasn't much to do in the evenings but drink ale and plait their hair.

Democratic Senator Harry Reid was quoted on ITV news today, as he questioned Bush's timing and other pressing issues the US government is facing. "'Will we be debating the raging war in Iraq? No. Will we address our staggering national debt? No. Will we address the seriousness of global warming? No,' he said."

Will Congress decide to discuss an issue that will never pass but waste American tax dollars and precious time? Yes. While they are at it, they should create a registry of crap sexual partners and spouses, since the US government is going into the business of marital issues. Yes, their priorities are spot on.

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CBK said...

I can't believe that, in an election year, they're picking gay marriage as a rallying point for poll support. I guess when you've failed on the national security, war on terrorism, education, environment, budget deficit, and corruption fronts, what else do you have? Absolutely shameful.