Monday, May 01, 2006

Metal plates

I was just stuck behind a car on my way home, that was sitting still during a green light, that also had a license plate that read:


It was a Ford Windstar. It also had a silhouette sticker of a hockey player, with stick and puck. As if the plate wasn't enough? God, strike me dead if I ever drive a bratmobile and advertise my children's interests via my license plate. It's like a walking ad for pedophiles. If my parents did this to me, I'd be so embarrassed. They'd probably have had one that said


We drove by our neighbor's house yesterday and I pointed out another strange one:


Does anyone remember this line? I didn't but L did. He used the voice of the character when saying the line. I didn't really like cartoons until I became a lot older. I love King of the Hill the most, but I will always watch The Simpsons and relate to Lisa.


CBK said...


Herself said...

Yes, you are correct. Guys would know this.