Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Book group bitch

I'm contemplating posting a sign at my local library (yet non-place of employment) for a book discussion group. This would be a group for people ages 30-40, with a few simple rules:

1. No New York Times Best-Seller list titles. Classics are fine, and contemporary fiction and non-fiction are wonderful too. Otherwise, stay away.

2. Men and women, please. This doesn't need to evolve into some gossipy neighborhood bitch session.

Those are my two rules. I really think there are probably other people like me in this area who are interested in doing this. Maybe they have kids, or are too busy right now. Who knows. But given my recent lament on not having local friends, this might be a good start.

I'm not a fan of best-selling anything. I didn't get into Harry Potter and I did not read The Da Vinci Code and you may gasp that I am actually a librarian after reading this confession. You should consider, though, that I read enough and am informed enough to know what people like and have the sense to lead them to these books, even though I choose not to read them.

I follow this principal for movies too. It took me a while to see Brokeback Mountain, and even though I liked it, I didn't find it made me burst spontaneoulsy into tears (as was predicted by others). I really loved the music from that film, though. That I found moving.

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CBK said...

I had the same reaction to Brokeback. I thought I would be a sobbing mess afterwards and demonstrating in LA to make sure it won the Oscar, but it wasn't like that at all. I didn't think it should have won Best Picture. It was a good picture.

Perhaps there wasn't enough male nudity in it for you. ;-)